Culbro, LLC was founded by Edgar M. Cullman, Sr., and is currently managed by his son, Edgar M. Cullman, Jr., and his grandson, David Danziger.

Together they have over 60 years of combined experience in consumer products businesses.

As former operating partners themselves, the Culbro managing members have an understanding of the opportunities and challenges that face an entrepreneurial company as it strives to grow and develop to the next level. With over 60 years of combined operating experience through both good and bad times, the Culbro team can successfully augment the existing management team by sharing lessons learned through the General Cigar experience. Having sold a business they grew themselves, the Culbro managing members have an appreciation and respect for a company’s values and culture and don’t believe in wholesale changes for a business that has previously proved successful.

Edgar Cullman, Jr.

Managing Member

During his more than thirty years in operating roles at General Cigar and Culbro Corporation, Edgar M. Cullman Jr. faced both favorable and unfavorable business conditions and learned how to lead in both those circumstances.

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David Danziger

Managing Member

Having spent his career first in finance and then later in marketing & sales, David Danziger brings a combination of financial and operating experience to Culbro, LLC., of which he is a co-founder and managing member.

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Jack LoParco

Vice President

Jack LoParco joined Culbro in 2011 with an initial focus on business service companies, especially ones leveraging technology. He has since broadened his coverage to all companies meeting Culbro’s investment criteria.

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John Fletcher

Operating Partner

For over 40 years Mr. Fletcher has served in a variety of positions at Bloomingdale Properties. As a diversified family office, its investments have ranged from real estate, public market portfolios, hedge funds as well as venture capital and private equity transactions.

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