About Us

Founded by three generations of the Cullman family, all of whom worked at General Cigar, Culbro seeks out businesses with strong reputations for service and quality. Typically, these businesses are in transition and owned by first generation entrepreneurs who continue to own significant stakes post-transaction.

Culbro has a small team with backgrounds in consumer products, distribution, banking, real estate and IT. We work with the management of our portfolio companies on large initiatives and strategic questions, but we do not seek to manage the companies. In every investment we have made, the entrepreneur has continued to run the business. Culbro has never initiated a management change at any of its portfolio companies.

Culbro has dedicated sources of capital that do not expire as is the norm with private equity funds. As a result, our approach is to take a longer-term view. We never have a timeline to exit an investment nor an expiration date of our capital.